Covid-19 Response

Pest control service providers have been recognized by the Federal Department of Homeland Security as an essential service to protect public health and the national food supply.

Trust Olympus Pest Control & Prevention takes the health and wellbeing of our clients seriously. As part of our effort to minimize the exposure and spread of the COVID-19 virus, as an essential workforce, we have implemented the following procedures and protocols:

1. When engaging a client we are practicing social distancing by keeping at least the minimum distance of six (6) away from our clients as prescribed and recommended by Federal, state and local authorities. In addition, we will not make physical contact via handshakes. Further, invoices will be electronically generated and automatically emailed once service is complete.


2. A vast majority of our service calls do not require us to enter your home or business. In the event there is a pest issues that does require an inside treatment, we will only perform this treatment if there is no individual(s) within the structure that is under self quarantine,  has viral symptoms, immune compromised or any one who has been identified as especially vulnerable who has not received a COVID-19 vaccine.


3. If treating the interior of a structure, Trust Olympus Pest Control & Prevention personnel will utilize personal protection equipment, face coverings, disposable gloves and clean shoe covers before entering. 


4. Upon completion of every service order, we avoid cross contamination by properly disposing of used gloves and applying a disinfectant on any equipment that has entered a home or commercial building.

A few very important key points:

One of the cornerstones of Trust Olympus Pest Control & Prevention is to practice safe pest control management while protecting our clients, the general public and the environment.  To that end, many of our protocols for COVID-19 have been in place from the very first day  our business was established. 
 As a local small business, we have a small service team. Because of this, we can ensure we are all personally practicing the recommendations of the Federal, state and local authorities of social distancing along with good personal hygiene practices to minimize our exposure to Covid-19. Further, all staff is fully vaccinated.

 We will continually update the best-practice protocols from the Federal, state and local authorities as recommended to ensure we are providing the safest service possible for our clients.


If you have any concerns or questions about our policy, procedures or protocols we encourage you to contact us at 253-999-5900 or you may email us at: